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Dating Photo

A photograph on a dating site is often the first impression a potential dating partner will have of their potential dates. There are, however, a few photos that are the antithesis of interesting. Someone with an uninteresting or outright bad photo can be worse than someone who is still using the grey default image. There are a few photography styles and pictures that should be avoided, as well as other styles that may portray someone in their absolute best light.

Here are the top three photos profile must-haves

1. A close-up, smiling head shot
A potential date wants to know what their potential date looks like. They want to see their eyes, their brilliant (or not so brilliant) smile, and facial flaws. They make the profile human and approachable. If they don't like their flaws, they aren't worth messaging in the first place.

2. A body shot
A potential date wants to see how a person holds themselves, how they stand, and how they look from head-to-toe. It gives a better idea of whether they may find each other physically attractive.

3. A situational photo
This photo shows them someplace that they love. It may even show them doing something they adore. This photo is meant to be a 'happy place' picture, displaying a hobby or passion.

Here are the top five photos to avoid

1. Cell phone self-portraits
These 'selfie' photos are useless when it comes to getting a feel for who someone is. They are not nearly as detailed as a regular camera. They need to get a friend or set their timer to get a real picture.

2. Topless vanity photos
It makes them look shallow and superficial, as if all you have to show is their physique. The only time this is appropriate is if it is their 'happy place' photo and involves the beach or pool.

3. Glamour shots or 'school'-style photos
They may look fabulous, but they don't say anything about a person. Airbrushed and tidied, they don't offer anything to anyone's profile.

4. Out of date pictures
Try to stay up to date. An old photo is not helpful and there's nothing like finding someone attractive only to find out the photo is ancient.

5. Selfish photos
These are photos of a person surrounded by their success. It may be toys, money, cars, or whatever they find 'valuable' and glitzy in their life. These show them as a superficial, skin-deep person that only values possessions.

Remember that the photo and profile are the first thing that any potential dating partner sees. By portraying oneself honestly, they are setting the potential date up to be a success, be it romantic or platonic.


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