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Copyrights and the information contained herein has copyrighted material, trademarks and other proprietary content that cannot be modified, published or transmitted by any party. Copyright infringements by any webmaster would be dealt with serious and as per local laws prevailing in the country. Complaints shall be immediately issued against your web-hosting company and any channel that is being used to promote the site.

General Terms and Conditions of Use

By using this site you agree to the following conditions: is not responsible for the content published by third party services or products that have been reviewed. Although we aim to provide unbiased reviews of the best niche dating services available on the market, we cannot be held responsible for any service which you consider to be unsatisfactory. The views expressed on this site are merely of editors.

Further terms and conditions are available on third party sites. Readers are advised to please read those terms before using them.

Third Party Sites

In order to provide seamless and well – integrated services to our users, we have published links to various third – party websites. cannot be held accountable for privacy policies and terms of use put forward by the related websites. We encourage our users to read the legal policies of other sites prior to using them.

Acceptance of Terms

By continuing to use the services provided by this website, you signify your acceptance of these terms and conditions as well as privacy policies. If you do not comply with these conditions, we advise you to stop accessing this site.

Contacting Us

If you have doubts related to our terms and conditions or wish to give a suggestion, get in touch with us on the ‘Contact us ’ option..


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